4 Steps to Program Your Mind for Success

Do you want to be more successful, then program your mind for success.

How do you do that? There are 4 simple steps…

1. First of all make a list of 5 important things that you want to accomplish the balance of this year.

2. Next Look at the unconscious patterns in your life that are keeping you from accomplishing these goals.

3. When you catch yourself doing one of these unconscious patterns (like eating or looking at e-mail to avoid doing something you do not want to do), STOP immediately and do something drastically different – like a few push-ups or eat some nutritious food.

4. Now replace this unconscious pattern with something that gives you immediate pleasure AND which will help you accomplish your long term goals – like doing a small step in accomplishing your goal. Do chunking (that is,  work without stopping) for 45 minutes on one of your goals.

So to program your mind once your know your goals and understand unconscious patterns keeping your from your goals, you basically do the following:

Recognize the pattern when it occurs
Break the pattern immediately
Replace the pattern with a better response

Do this process enough times and you will really be a whiz at getting things done and be a true success.
To your success…..

PS. Did this work for you, let me know via email or comment. Any other ideas you have come across that do the same thing?

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4 Ways to use mobile ads in your small business

Are Mobile Ads Right for Your Business?

Mobile is the new frontier in advertising, having a monstrous 27.8 billion more search queries than desktop searches by 2015.  Pew Research lets us know that that 74% of smartphone owners use their phone to acquire real-time location-based information, such as directions, which is acted upon usually within an hour.

These facts, coupled with the prediction of double digit growth in mobile advertising over the next five years are sending a transparent and unmistakable message to business owners: mobile is where the people are!

So with all this growth taking place, how does a small business use this opportunity to drive customers into their doors? We’ve outlined a number of ways your business can profit from mobile ads.

How to use mobile ads in your small business

  • Make sure your site is mobile friendly – consider revamping its design now. Ideally switch to a responsive design that automatically resizes the screen and supplies the optimal user experience for your visitor.
  • Optimize for local keywords – This can kill two birds with one stone. Ranking organically to appear on mobile search, as well as advertising for those terms can provide you with a double dip. With GPS and Google Maps keen to help its users find you locally, who are you to deny them!
  • Look into various ad platforms – There are more and more mobile ad choices now, and the big dogs are starting to make their presence known as well. Facebook and Google are devoting more and more resources to mobile, and don’t neglect looking into platforms like Jumptap, mMedia, Mojiva, and Foursquare.
  • Investigate Native Advertising – A term that’s enjoying a lot of play these days is native advertising. What this means is simply that the ad complements the content on the site it is running on, thereby increasing the chances of consumer interest. This can help keep you more in control of where your ads are showing.

Research firm IBIS Worlds tells us that sometime within the next five years, the geolocation in these ad platforms will be able to pinpoint con

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10 Great Reasons to Consider Marketing on Pinterest

Why Market on Pinterest? Here’s 10 Reasons!

Who knew that Pinterest, that started out as yet another photo sharing site would quickly become not just one of the most popular sites on the Web, but would be a terrific spot for small and large business alike to market.

Not convinced? Well in that case take a gander at 10 impressive reasons why you’ll want to think about using Pinterest in your marketing mix sooner rather than later!

10 Reasons to market on Pinterest

  1. A LOT of buyers! – Evidence is showing that nearly half of people (47 percent) who shop online were influenced from a recommendation from someone on the site.
  2. It’s not only a social media site – Pinterest users love to buy. Recent e-commerce statistics show that Pinterest gets a 41 percent share of buyers, leading social media behemoth Facebook, which is next at 37 percent!
  3. They buy more! – Average purchase statistics indicate that the buyers  leave with $80, and the Facebook buyers check out with only $40.
  4. They stick around for a while – Users coming from Pinterest don’t simply hit the site and then bounce. In fact, they spend an incredible 4X more time on the site than do users at LinkedIn!
  5. It’s wildly popular – The site has developed into the 16th most popular site in the U.S, and is showing no signs of slowing down.
  6. Becoming a retailer’s dream – The ease with which retailers can share images of products and promotions has resulted in an amazing 90 percent of US online specialty retailers using Pinterest, up 81 percent from 2012.
  7. Pinterest are more affluent – The average income of a Pinterest user is over $100,000, while just 10 percent of users earn less than $30,000 per year.
  8. They love rewards and deals – A good 50 percent of moms said they would follow a brand on Pinterest if they were presented rewards or deals.
  9. Pins can go viral – It doesn’t take much for your Pin to go viral, as more than 80 percent of Pins are Repins!
  10. Trusted authority – In an exceedingly short time, Pinterest has garnered the trust of women online, where 81 percent view Pinterest as a trustworthy site.

And late breaking news: Pinterest is now accepting ads

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7 Ways to use the New LinkedIn Showcase Pages

How LinkedIn Showcase Pages Can Work in Your Small Business

Recently LinkedIn presented their latest innovation, LinkedIn Showcase Pages. Prior to running screaming into the night at the mere thought of yet another social media task you need to do, let’s take a look at what might be a really neat tool to include in your marketing arsenal.

So what exactly are LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are a very promising new piece of the LinkedIn puzzle. They’ve had Company pages for some time now, and they can and should be the face of your business on LinkedIn. Showcase Pages in contrast, specifically target segments of your LinkedIn audience with one specific area or product in your business.

Targeting a selected item or aspect of your business can result in a far more focused user experience for those interested. While Company pages will still be the comprehensive face of your business, Showcase Pages will be a welcome addition to laser-target items or parts of your business you’d like to concentrate on. They are not intended to replace Company Pages. They work very much the same as a Company Page or indeed, a Facebook page, as you can share your best content as well as post sponsored ads.

7  creative ways to make use of your Showcase Pages

Companies for now are allowed up to ten Showcase Pages, and they are making use of them in various, innovative ways.

  • Announcing special offers or deals
  • Showcasing new products
  • News and profiles of your company and industry
  • Info regarding events or webinars
  • Links to your other content on different channels
  • Placing ads to drive traffic to your pages
  • Getting more followers to your pages

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are easy to set up, and are an answer to Facebook pages, right down to the large “hero” image occupying the top of each page. Info on your company and page is located at the top, just under the main image.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are worth a look!

We’re always on the lookout for great ways to share content quickly and easily. LinkedIn Showcase Pages seem to be exactly that, and are deserving of a close look.


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How to Repurpose One Piece of Content into Eight

See How to Repurpose Your Content Quickly and Easily

We know that content creation isn’t for the faint of heart. It usually takes considerable time and effort to come up with content that stands out. All the more reason not to let it end there! Repurposing your content is a smart way to give your content a life beyond the initial posting. Closely similar to content syndication, but the choice of medium is often different.

We’ve got eight favorite mediums we prefer for repurposing content, and you should understand that the initial content can originate in any one of them, but is not limited with how it can spread. Here’s our top eight ways to repurpose your content!

  1. Articles or Blog Posts – Usually the firstborn, it is best to endeavor to post the first text version to your own site or blog, to better reap the search benefits.
  2. Videos – Access the immense traffic, authority and links that posting to YouTube can bring you. It could be as simple as a slideshow video.
  3. Podcasts – An extensive sea of traffic lies in wait for those who make audios of their content and upload to both iTunes along with the numerous podcast directories.
  4. Slideshows – Sites like Slideshare.net and Scribd.com have a LOT of Google love and a surprising amount of direct traffic!
  5. PDFs – There are also a lot of directories where you can post a PDF of your content.
  6. Infographics – Pinterest, Instagram and Face book are becoming hot venues for posting infographics and driving tons of traffic!
  7. Webinars or Hangouts – The benefits of using your content in a webinar or Google Hangout are many. Not only do they convert better, they also can be repurposed (again!) to YouTube as well as other video sharing sites.
  8. Make it Micro! – Carving up your content in to smaller chunks for use within your social media is a terrific way to point to the lengthier pieces on your other web properties.

Your content can serve you in many ways you might not have thought about before! Don’t miss out on the chance to easily increase traffic many times over by not repurposing your content!

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Amplifying the Lizard Brain

Amplifying the Lizard Brain

This is an excellent blog by Seth Godin –  we all need to shut out the negativity and focus on positiveness:

“Not sure why you would want to reinforce the noise in your head that tells you not to speak up, stand out and do work that matters, but if you do, a surefire way to do it is to focus your attention on every piece of negative feedback in your environment. Or to imagine every possible disaster that could befall you, and to do it repeatedly. Or to carefully study anonymous comments, tweets and online reviews from people who don’t like the work you’re doing. Or focus on the one paragraph in your annual review called ‘weaknesses’. Or spend the day thinking about the one slip of the tongue you made this morning…

You can listen to your customers murmur about you online, except that pleased customers tell a few people, angry ones tell everyone. So it’s really easy to misinterpret a few as a deluge.

On the other hand, once you accept that this is self-sabotaging behavior, you might choose to deliberately ignore interactions that amplify the very noise you’re trying to avoid.”

Keep the newspaper and TV away and stay on the positive side of things.  Remember where you are is up to you.

Wishing you the best:

Tenny Keil

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Decision Making Process

Decision – Commitment – Action

We often we make a decision but then take no action. Why?  Because we have not actually made the commitment to follow through with the decision.

I am reminded of a story of 3 frogs sitting on a log and one said “I have decided to jump into the water”.  How many frogs were left on the log?

Answer:  Three, the frog only decided to jump.

He had no commitment, maybe the water was too cold, or he could not swim,  or …. whatever.

If you make a decision, make the commitment and carry through with the action.

This simple thing will carry you far down the road to success.  Many times we simply wimp out, lay back, and take no action.  Don’t do that.

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