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4 Steps to Program Your Mind for Success

Do you want to be more successful, then program your mind for success. How do you do that? There are 4 simple steps… 1. First of all make a list of 5 important things that you want to accomplish the … Continue reading

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4 Ways to use mobile ads in your small business

Are Mobile Ads Right for Your Business? Mobile is the new frontier in advertising, having a monstrous 27.8 billion more search queries than desktop searches by 2015.  Pew Research lets us know that that 74% of smartphone owners use their … Continue reading

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10 Great Reasons to Consider Marketing on Pinterest

Why Market on Pinterest? Here’s 10 Reasons! Who knew that Pinterest, that started out as yet another photo sharing site would quickly become not just one of the most popular sites on the Web, but would be a terrific spot … Continue reading

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7 Ways to use the New LinkedIn Showcase Pages

How LinkedIn Showcase Pages Can Work in Your Small Business Recently LinkedIn presented their latest innovation, LinkedIn Showcase Pages. Prior to running screaming into the night at the mere thought of yet another social media task you need to do, … Continue reading

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How to Repurpose One Piece of Content into Eight

See How to Repurpose Your Content Quickly and Easily We know that content creation isn’t for the faint of heart. It usually takes considerable time and effort to come up with content that stands out. All the more reason not … Continue reading

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Amplifying the Lizard Brain

Amplifying the Lizard Brain This is an excellent blog by Seth Godin –  we all need to shut out the negativity and focus on positiveness: “Not sure why you would want to reinforce the noise in your head that tells you … Continue reading

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Decision Making Process

Decision – Commitment – Action We often we make a decision but then take no action. Why?  Because we have not actually made the commitment to follow through with the decision. I am reminded of a story of 3 frogs sitting on … Continue reading

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