How to Repurpose One Piece of Content into Eight

See How to Repurpose Your Content Quickly and Easily

We know that content creation isn’t for the faint of heart. It usually takes considerable time and effort to come up with content that stands out. All the more reason not to let it end there! Repurposing your content is a smart way to give your content a life beyond the initial posting. Closely similar to content syndication, but the choice of medium is often different.

We’ve got eight favorite mediums we prefer for repurposing content, and you should understand that the initial content can originate in any one of them, but is not limited with how it can spread. Here’s our top eight ways to repurpose your content!

  1. Articles or Blog Posts – Usually the firstborn, it is best to endeavor to post the first text version to your own site or blog, to better reap the search benefits.
  2. Videos – Access the immense traffic, authority and links that posting to YouTube can bring you. It could be as simple as a slideshow video.
  3. Podcasts – An extensive sea of traffic lies in wait for those who make audios of their content and upload to both iTunes along with the numerous podcast directories.
  4. Slideshows – Sites like and have a LOT of Google love and a surprising amount of direct traffic!
  5. PDFs – There are also a lot of directories where you can post a PDF of your content.
  6. Infographics – Pinterest, Instagram and Face book are becoming hot venues for posting infographics and driving tons of traffic!
  7. Webinars or Hangouts – The benefits of using your content in a webinar or Google Hangout are many. Not only do they convert better, they also can be repurposed (again!) to YouTube as well as other video sharing sites.
  8. Make it Micro! – Carving up your content in to smaller chunks for use within your social media is a terrific way to point to the lengthier pieces on your other web properties.

Your content can serve you in many ways you might not have thought about before! Don’t miss out on the chance to easily increase traffic many times over by not repurposing your content!

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