7 Ways to use the New LinkedIn Showcase Pages

How LinkedIn Showcase Pages Can Work in Your Small Business

Recently LinkedIn presented their latest innovation, LinkedIn Showcase Pages. Prior to running screaming into the night at the mere thought of yet another social media task you need to do, let’s take a look at what might be a really neat tool to include in your marketing arsenal.

So what exactly are LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are a very promising new piece of the LinkedIn puzzle. They’ve had Company pages for some time now, and they can and should be the face of your business on LinkedIn. Showcase Pages in contrast, specifically target segments of your LinkedIn audience with one specific area or product in your business.

Targeting a selected item or aspect of your business can result in a far more focused user experience for those interested. While Company pages will still be the comprehensive face of your business, Showcase Pages will be a welcome addition to laser-target items or parts of your business you’d like to concentrate on. They are not intended to replace Company Pages. They work very much the same as a Company Page or indeed, a Facebook page, as you can share your best content as well as post sponsored ads.

7  creative ways to make use of your Showcase Pages

Companies for now are allowed up to ten Showcase Pages, and they are making use of them in various, innovative ways.

  • Announcing special offers or deals
  • Showcasing new products
  • News and profiles of your company and industry
  • Info regarding events or webinars
  • Links to your other content on different channels
  • Placing ads to drive traffic to your pages
  • Getting more followers to your pages

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are easy to set up, and are an answer to Facebook pages, right down to the large “hero” image occupying the top of each page. Info on your company and page is located at the top, just under the main image.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are worth a look!

We’re always on the lookout for great ways to share content quickly and easily. LinkedIn Showcase Pages seem to be exactly that, and are deserving of a close look.


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