4 Steps to Program Your Mind for Success

Do you want to be more successful, then program your mind for success.

How do you do that? There are 4 simple steps…

1. First of all make a list of 5 important things that you want to accomplish the balance of this year.

2. Next Look at the unconscious patterns in your life that are keeping you from accomplishing these goals.

3. When you catch yourself doing one of these unconscious patterns (like eating or looking at e-mail to avoid doing something you do not want to do), STOP immediately and do something drastically different – like a few push-ups or eat some nutritious food.

4. Now replace this unconscious pattern with something that gives you immediate pleasure AND which will help you accomplish your long term goals – like doing a small step in accomplishing your goal. Do chunking (that is,  work without stopping) for 45 minutes on one of your goals.

So to program your mind once your know your goals and understand unconscious patterns keeping your from your goals, you basically do the following:

Recognize the pattern when it occurs
Break the pattern immediately
Replace the pattern with a better response

Do this process enough times and you will really be a whiz at getting things done and be a true success.
To your success…..

PS. Did this work for you, let me know via email or comment. Any other ideas you have come across that do the same thing?

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